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Checkerd Sports


Same design as v1
Now with OEM plug for easier install and a cleaner look.

Options You can do with button:

1. Still have the use of key to crank with or without push button.
2. Eliminate crank with key and use button to crank over the starter, just like an s2000.
3. Eliminate Key column all together.
Toggle switches are needed for this option for your Ignition(s) and Accessorie(s).
Also recommend a good alarm system if going with this option.
(This option will not work with cars that have immobilzers, every car/install is different for this option.)


Included is:
Wired harness/ relay ready to go.
Wiring information for your car.

Optional: Honda OEM S2k Button

Choose Package
Enter Year/ Make/ Model
S2k Button Kit v2

You can start by installing the button first.

Determine Location of Relay
Wire up the 4 wire set from the relay to Vehicle Powers
Black, Red, Yellow, Orange

S2k Relay v2
Step by Step, picture by picture Write up coming soon.
Check out some examples from our customers.

All buttons are tested. Please ALWAYS use a multi-meter when checking for powers. If you do not feel comfortable installing this product please have a professional do it. There is no returns on electronics. If you have any questions feel free to email Us.
Checkerd Sports is not responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle during install or due to improper install.

Finding the Wires, please use Multi Meter to prevent any damage to your car.

--Obtaining 12v Constant--
2 ways, 1 go to the battery or to the ignition switch. Always install a fuse within 12 inches of this connection. If the fuse also will be powering other circuits, fuse accordingly.

--Finding 12v switched ignition wire--
The ignition wire is powered when the key is in the run or start position. This is because the ignition powers the ignition system (plugs, coil, fuel pump, fuel, etc) Accessory wire will lose power when the key is in the start position to make more current to the starter motor.

1.Set to DCV or DC Voltage (12v or 20v is fine)
2.Attach the (-) probe of the meter to a chassis ground.
3.Probe the wire you suspect of being the ignition wire. The steering column is a perfect place to find this wire
4.Turn the IGN key switch to the run position, if the meter reads (+) 12V, go to the next step, If it doesn't, probe another wire.
5. Now turn the key to the start position. The meter display should stay steady, not dropping by more than few tenths of a volt. If it drops close to or all the way to zero, go back to step . if it stays at (+) 12V you have found an ignition wire.

--Finding the Starter Wire--
The starter wire provides 12v directly to the starter or to a relay controlling the starter.
1.Set to DCV or DC Voltage (12v or 20v is fine)
2. Attach the (-) probe to chassis ground
3. Probe the wire you suspect to be the started wire. The steering column is an excellent place to find it.
4.Turn the ignition key switch to the start position. Make sure the car is not in gear! If your meter read 12v (+), go to the next step. If it doesn't, probe another wire.
5. If you are going to eliminate the key cranking cut the wire, HOOK THE WIRE UP TO THE STARTER SIDE,NOT THE KEY SIDE. Attempt to start the car, if it does not crank you have the right wire, If it still starts you have the wrong wire.
6. If you are just mainly installing it for looks DONT NOT cut the wire just splice in and you can still crank it with key or button.

Read Warning/Disclaimer